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Since I haven’t been able to remember my dreams both Monday and today, I am going to post an old dream that I remember.  It’s from this year, but I only watched the show it had to do with until I got old enough to realize that it’s more child directed theme no longer was very entertaining.  This was back in the 80s through 90s as I watched it while I was a kid until they took the reruns off the air in the 90s and I was a teenager.

You see, back then I was being bullied a lot so even as a teen I would watch Thundercats* to feel a part of some sort of group.  Despite a certain religious show’s disapproval, I kept watching it because I was more interested in the code represented than any type of magic shown.  besides, some of the first season’s episodes were pretty cerebral for a child and I had a higher IQ.  I seemed to like shows that took some mind power to understand.

What’s funny is I still have many dreams about the characters from it today, though I no longer watch show.  This is excepting maybe once or twice back when I could afford living on my own and had cable. I did it for nostalgic  reasons and didn’t really pay much attention to it.

Anyhow the dream was about three of the Thundercats–Cheetara, Lion-O, and Panthro* trying to escape down a snow covered mountain. Apparently, they were escaping a group of vampires.

It appeared they were skiing or something and tried to avoid traps.  Panthro was somehow, during the course of all this, thinking about how much he resented Cheetara and Lion-O’s relationship.  They were in love and he was upset that he had no one.

Anyhow, they continued down the mountain until Panthro got caught in a trap.  His feet got severed off by the trap, yet somehow he remained upright.  The others didn’t notice right away and when they did they stopped and started talking with him.  Then, out of nowhere, a blonde, female vampire appears and abducts him.  Somehow the others are convinced to continue their escape–might have been some hypnotism by the vampire.

The blonde vampire bites Panthro and his feet somehow magically get restored to him and healed back onto his legs.  Then she explains how lonely she’s been and that he too was now a vampire.  Anyhow, he falls in love with her and she escapes the mountain with him eventually.

That would be the end of that dream.  I have no idea why I had this dream, other than maybe the pointy ears Panthro had reminded me of a bat’s or that there was a vampire mermaid character on one of the earliest shows.

Thundercats merchandise

*Disclaimer:  The name–Thundercats–and their characters of Cheetara, Lion-O, and Panthro are copyright by Warner and Lorimar telepictures–however I do not know who made the modern version of Thundercats.  They are only mentioned because they appeared in my dream.